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What is ION?

Welcome to ION - the first electric vehicle charging platform in Jordan and the MENA region. Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of sustainable transportation by providing easy, affordable, and reliable EV charging solutions. Whether you're an individual EV owner or a business looking to install charging stations, ION has got you covered. Our user-friendly mobile app lets you easily locate and activate our chargers, pay online, and check real-time availability. Join the EV revolution today and download the ION app to start enjoying the benefits of sustainable transportation.

Smart, All-compatible EV Chargers

No matter what is your EV model, you'll be able to charge it with ION

Mobile App

Friendly app to help you locate and activate chargers

Online Payment

You don't have to charge your EV with cash, pay with ION easily and securely
Become ION partner

We offer businesses a comprehensive EV charging solution that can help them increase revenue and reduce operating costs. By partnering with ION, businesses can benefit from our extensive customer base and secure payment system, allowing them to earn revenue from EV charging without any hassle. Additionally, our made in Jordan chargers are designed to be highly efficient and reliable, ensuring low maintenance costs over the long term. By installing ION's chargers, businesses can enjoy a hassle-free charging experience and focus on what matters most - running their business.

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Managed Operations

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New customers

Online payments

Rapid growth

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ION Pro Chargers

Proudly made in Jordan

At ION, we take pride in our high-quality electric vehicle chargers that are proudly made in Jordan. Our chargers are designed and manufactured to meet international standards, ensuring reliable and safe charging for all EVs. With their sleek and modern design, our chargers not only provide a premium charging experience but also add an aesthetic value to their surroundings. By choosing ION's chargers, you're not only supporting sustainable transportation but also contributing to the growth of the local economy. Install an ION charger at your business today and enjoy the benefits of easy and convenient EV charging.


ION is the first electric vehicle charging platform in Jordan and MENA region

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